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Your favourites sesions in the locations that you want, our team move where you need to make these photos that you have always dream and you never knew how to do.


Fotodisseny J.E. originally started out as a photography studio 25 years ago and over the intervening years has managed to become one of the most distinguished product photo studios in the country. In addition to being specialists in fields such as furniture photography, our studio has a broad range of clients from every sector thanks to a way of working that achieves spectacular results within very tight timescales. Over the years, Fotodisseny J.E. has developed its photography service with the addition of new propositions to the point that it is now a visual communication studio capable of producing outstanding results in any format or media.

3D Computer graphics

The creative possibilities and advantages of 3D computer graphics are endless. Technological developments in recent years have enabled completely life-like results to be produced from computer generated images (CGI). Our studio began using this technique many years ago, and today we stand out as experts in digital imaging. Our knowledge of photographic lighting enables us to achieve amazing results and the particular mix of 3D computer graphics and conventional photography gives our studio a unique and incomparable stamp. 

Mobile set. Our process

Step 1. 
IN SITU PHOTO SHOOTING: We move to your facilities to take photos from your product. Don’t worry about anything, we carry the complete kit to turn your company into a real photographic set.
Step 2. 
MIXING ELEMENTS: Using an advanced retouching process, we get a realistic final result. With this final step, we balance the colour, hue and saturation adjustments and we introduce the final elements to get an unbelievable result.
Step 1
Step 2
Step 1
Step 2

Graphic design

Graphic design is essential if you want to optimize the communication of your products or projects. Our design department can meet any need you may have. We specialize in branding, in the design and layout of catalogues and design for digital platforms (websites, apps, e-books, etc.). Furthermore, the teamwork of all of our professionals, whether in photography, computer graphics or graphic design, ensures a speedy and professional outcome for all our projects.

Custom configurators

Configurators are a very useful tool to show the possibilities of a product with only a few clicks. Have fun with our sample configurator and be impressed with the myriad of options that you can display.


We love the latest technologies at Fotodisseny J.E. and we always try to keep abreast of the latest developments. The communication options offered by new technological languages help us to explain things in a completely different and original way. Enjoy our examples and be amazed with the possibilities that our studio offers.


Our studio takes care of everything, including the small details. Therefore, the quality printing of your projects deserves our greatest attention. At Fotodisseny J.E. we work with ISO profiles and CERTIFIED color tests which guarantee that the printing of your projects complies with the European regulation regarding color.
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