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Fotodisseny J.E. is a visual comunication studio located near Barcelona. More of 30 years of experience in advertising, graphic design and commercial and industrial photography sector have allowed us to develop an effective, professional and immediate working method to suit the requirements of every customer.
We move where YOU WANT!


On the Fotodisseny J.E. studio we can obtain anything you desire. Our studio operates efficiently to achieve the most imaginative and effective results to present your product. We create original photographs with a completely professional finish.
3d infography
Our experience in the 3D rendering world and our knowledge about photographic lighting allow us to creat 3D renderings in levels of total realism. Our advanced servers system offers a high speed rendering.
We move to your facilities to take photos from your product. Don’ t worry about anything, we carry the complete kit to turn your company into a real photographic set. With our mobile studio system, you will save transport and logistics costs. Take a look to the results.
Nothing better than an app or digital catalogue to take proffit on multimedia contents and highlight your ideas. Dare to offer virtual reallity images or 360º photos of your prodducts. Also, you can enhance your videos with the cuttest Motion graphic effects.
Creative department
A good graphic design adds value to your catalogues. The Fotodisseny J.E.'s studio is able to create the best communication for your projects because we are specialists in branding, catalogues and websites design.
The result of a good printing is the best service. In Fotodisseny J.E. we have the most advanced technology to ensure a perfect printing over both offset and digital systems. Our colour management supported by ISO profiles allows us to perform certified color tests. 
Fotodisseny Barcelona:
Calle Call Nou, 9 - 1º 2ª
08500 Vic, Barcelona
+34 93 142 74 68
Fotodisseny Belgium:
Tolpoortstraat 101 bus 7
9800 Deinze, Belgium
+34 695 30 86 86
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